Posted by: Per Erik | January 1, 2010

01 Intro

Ubuntu the easy OS

This site suits less advanced users, new beginners and experts. It uses the Graphical interface as much as possible and images to explain.

Other recommended sites, The Official Ubuntu help pages or the UBUNTU MANUAL.

Why Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is getting more and more famous and the reasons for choosing it is usually: Innovation, Social support, price, speed, simplicity, boot time, moral, driver support, OBQ(out of the box qualities) the easy interface and interests for freedom etc…

Good luck :)


Im a new user:

What is an OS —->

What version of Ubuntu do i choose—->


  1. Hi there! Just seen the incoming link to your blog/site. I see you have only started it this year. All the best with it!

    I’ll be updating my links section on Openbytes very shortly and I’ll include you!

    Kind regards

    • thanks. When i get my link’s up ill include you as well.

  2. I love Ubuntu! I’ve used it for a long time until recently. I hope to start back very soon. I myself have just started a blog. I hope you would visit it.

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