Posted by: Per Erik | September 18, 2010

Liferea a RSS feed reader

Liferea a RSS feed reader

A RSS feed is a collection of summary files that websites can publish from their site. A RSS feed normally contains a small description of a post, but can also contain the entire text and images. Using a RSS feed reader can be quite similar to using twitter where you ad feeders(a link to a directory that contains feeds) to your list. Then you can update your feed reader which in this case is Liferea to see all the latest posts from different sites.

To install Liferea open the software center and type Liferea. Click install and wait for the install to finish. You can find Liferea in Applications -> Internet -> Liferea. When you open Liferea you can see that it already contains some sample feeds. Most these feeds are feeds about Linux or Ubuntu. To remove feeds you don’t want, use the folder navigation as a normal file manager. Right click and select delete.

Mostly Liferea will find the feeds itself. You just have to copy the link. To find feeds that are not auto detected you have to look around on the website you want to have the feed from. Some feeds are easy to guess. Example wordpress feeds which is url/feed which makes this blogs feed and another worpress blog will be http://<THE USER> Normally on public sites the feed is linked in the bottom of the page, then it usually says RSS, one example of a site that does this (at the time i wrote this) is OMGUbuntu. When you have found your feed and want to add it to Liferea all you need to do is copy the link. Go in Liferea and click new subscription-> paste the feed link and click ok.


Tip: as booklover206 said in the comments below: “you can also have services like google reader feed into your liferea.”


  1. 1. It’s Liferea, not Lifrea.
    2. The feed searching technique you describe is not required – simply give Liferea the URL in the “New Subscription” dialog, and it will find a feed itself.
    3. You can also directly subscribe to feeds from your browser, see for more information.

  2. you can also have services like google reader feed into your liferea. This is good if you have multiple pc’s that you use, as your feeds will be the same on each machine.

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