Posted by: Per Erik | September 18, 2010

Review of Youtube channel: Thisweekinlinux

Review of Youtube channel: Thisweekinlinux

(Image considered used under fair use)

This week in linux (thisweekinlinux) is a well established channel on youtube that is run by a guy called Jodan. There is usually a weekly news update plus some reviews and how-tos. The videos from this guy appears very well planned and professional. His news are about linux in general and very much of it is Ubuntu relevant. On the how-to’s side he currently has a very good section on kdenlive video editing that is very well executed and explained.

This channel is especially useful as entertainment, as a news source and also has high educational value.

Youtube –

Website –


  1. @pererik87: Thanks so much for the kind words and the review!

  2. This is probably my favorite ubuntu youtube channel.

    • Mine is Nixie, but this one is high on my top list.

      • nixie does a little amount of videos :(

        BTW great review!

      • You only like nixie coz hiz big boobies. This is the best linux channel on youtube, also his secondary channel and irc (#twil on freenode) channel rocks too.

      • Yeah ur right. We also have OSgui, omgubuntu, Leszeks and Jupiterbroadcasting(Linux action show). And more…. Also i am planning on doing something small on HDErikblog.

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