Posted by: Per Erik | February 26, 2012

Webcam Studio / Live Editing / What you want it to be


The single most cool free webcamstudio out there in the Personal Computer world. Stream Youtube videos and your webcam at the same time to Ustream or anywhere else.

Some features:

  • Irc chat
  • Chroma key
  • Animation
  • Pipelining
  • Cool effects
  • Stream across anything

Since you clicked on this you are probably a person using a webcam, or a person creating youtube videos(or similar) or maybe you are doing something else related to video streaming and video recording. The software i am talking about is called webcam studio. It is currently the only one of its kind when it comes to functionality, possibilities and style. The software creates a false stream from your edited version in the program. You can select the false cam/stream in other software(due to private questions i need to mark this and elaborate more. If you want to use webcamstudio in a different program and it does not appear automatically you need to select a different source in the settings of the different program) thus removing any compatibility issues or needs of modules and so on. In other word the program uses a smart workaround so you can use this on Msn and Skype or any other ‘randominity';)

Id like to show you some videos from youtube showing you how this software works.

  • Forget about after editing
  • Forget about paying for crap
  • Forget about boring youtube videos and endless editing

Webcam studio lets you do almost everything live. It makes you the master of the webcam or camera, you have the same if not more power than the tv channel you are watching have. blabla….. This program is great, lets stop it there so you can see for yourself.

NB: The system requirements are a bit stiff because your asking the computer to do some seriously demanding tasks. You should have about 2 Ghz processor if your thinking about doing some serious effects.

—————–Get it—————–


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  3. I haven’t kept up with Ubuntu for 3 or 4 releases, but from what I remember there hasn’t really been a decent video cam or video editing program.

    • Wouldn’t you call this and kdenlive decent? They are still a bit buggy, but darn they have both improved. Kdenlive will rock your world if you aren’t used to stealing cracking and using corporate software illegally in other ways.

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